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April Fools’ Day Giveaway
We want to see some sweet April Fools’ Day pranking this year, but with a vegan twist! Make a video or pics of you pranking someone and submit it to us. Get creative and have fun! Extra points if it includes a Chicago Vegan Foods product.
Post your proof to Twitter (use #ChicagoVeganPrank) or to our Facebook page. We’ll check it out, judge it harshly, and ultimately award some prizes!
Winner will receive:
* A super rare, not in stores Dandies Vegan Marshmallows T-Shirt
* A package of each flavor of Teese Vegan Cheese
* A bag of Dandies
* Fame and fortune by being highlighted on our Twitters and Facebooks (“fame and fortune” is a term we use very loosely).
Submit your entry by April 10, 2012. 
Super extra points if you can prank someone like this:
Vegan Rice Crispies Treats w/ Chocolate Drizzle

A big thank you to, The Wicked Good Vegan for this awesome recipe. They look sooo good, and wicked easy to prepare. So, whether you’re in South Boston or just kicking it around Oz, try some of these wicked awesome treats!